Weekend Vibes


On Friday my dad and I played with the boat for most of the day. Rosie was running and chasing it. She eventually smacked a little too hard and now it goes slower. We liked playing with the boat (when it was fast) so much we bought a cooler faster one. I will post about the 2nd boat when it arrives!



On Saturday my mom and I made pizza! Between each layer of toppings I added cheese, while my mom cut mushrooms and onions for my dads pizza. My favourite pizza topping is pineapple. I read somewhere a guy trained his dog to attack people with pineapple on their pizza, I don’t know why it gets so much hate. It cooked for 10 minutes and we finally got to enjoy the pizza.


On Sunday my family and I went to Crooked Slide Park. Luna is deathly afraid of water but she was okay because we were there with her. Rosie on the other hand wanted to jump in. The water was really clean and warm. We went to a spot where no one was sitting, it was right in the sun so we sat there for a little while. We tried walking on a path but it was to much brush and we hadn’t worn our proper shoes. We over to a bridge, which was full of nails and the planks were crisscross so there was holes in them. We walked a short distance and came across a steep hill so we went back to look at river for a bit and left.